Media Placement

Print lives, whether it’s your local periodical or the complimentary New York Times on the airplane. An online ad can be gone in a flash, but the full-page spread on the coffee table is there all week long. With a full range of services, IMP can lead your way to maximized exposure.

Print expertise

IMP’s encyclopedic knowledge of print marketing gives a unique opportunity to place targeted print campaigns. For over 30 years, IMP has excelled in all areas of print marketing, from ad placement in publications around the globe to glossy pullout supplements.

Global network

IMP’s vast network of print publications covers worldwide. Our long standing relationship with these publications allows IMP to offer you the best possible price for ad placement. Our expert team will not only guide you to the best places to advertise, IMP also provides translation, copy-writing and graphic design options. A one-stop shop, IMP offers everything you need for a successful campaign.

Jewish publications

The ‘People of the Book’ still do print. When reaching out to the Jewish market, targeted print advertising can reach a specific demographic with more efficacy than online options.

IMP online offers:

Global network of hundreds of publications

More than 30 years print experience

Total reach of Jewish communities

Creates a lasting brand recognition

High resolution graphic design