The creative direction of your brand is its public face.Your creative is what persuades, informs and invites engagement. The correct presentation can make the difference between success or failure. IMP’s creative department are experts in presenting brands internationally, adapting for the difference in markets.




You have to catch their eye. The look of your brand will speak for you before any text is read. To stand out from the competition your design must be identifiable, applicable and up-to-date. IMP’s talented Art Department includes specialists in all areas of graphic design to ensure that your product is seen at its very best.

Design services:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Online advertising
  • Email blast
  • Social Media posts and advertising
  • Print ads
  • Brochures and promotional material
  • Magazines
  • Platform integration



Stunning design must be matched with original text that moves the reader to take action. Not all words are the same. A message that works well in one market can fall flat in another. IMP’s content team craft original content that is appropriate for each individual market. Wherever your customers are, IMP speaks their language.

Content services:

  • Custom articles
  • Slogan
  • Website text
  • Press release
  • Native advertising
  • Social Media posts
  • Online advertising
  • Landing pages
  • Email blasts
  • Print ads
  • Print supplements
  • Copywriting in any language

Additional services


When you dream, the sky is the limit. IMP’s creative team will incorporate any media or elements into a campaign. If you can imagine it, IMP will bring it into the world.

  • Video
  • Radio
  • Product packaging
  • Promotional items