Every journey needs a destination. Every marketing campaign needs a strategy.
Your success depends on setting clearly defined goals and action points.
IMP creates an integrated strategy that brings together all aspects of your campaign.




Give your brand an instantly recognizable identity. Create a lasting relationship with your clients by using consistent branding. IMP will give you a cohesive identity for your brand, making you stand out from the crowd.

Branding service:

  • Logo
  • Slogan
  • Integration of platforms
  • Cohesive graphic theme

Public Relations


Share your story with your market. A strong public relations campaign gives you a firm place in the public consciousness and adds legitimacy to your message. IMP will share a full multi-faceted picture of your activities with the world.

Public relations service:

  • Custom articles
  • Press releases
  • News items
  • 3rd party coverage
  • Content placement in key publications
  • Monthly content schedule
  • Full report with copies of all successful placements

Market Establishment


Turn your good idea into a fully fledged brand. The right market placement is key to your success. When you’re starting out, you need a voice of experience. IMP is there to hold your hand. With in-depth knowledge of international markets, IMP will help you establish yourself in existing markets, and guide you to new possibilities.

Market Establishment service:

  • Consulting
  • Market placement
  • Full report with actionable suggestions
  • Launch events
  • Business introductions
  • Cooperative partnerships with other businesses
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Packaging design and copy
  • Product launch

Business Analysis


Stop and see how your great product could do more. A precise understanding of how your brand is being received in the market enables you to make a clear action plan for growth. Don’t let poor performance in one area undermine your whole brand. IMP will perform a full analysis of your marketing and branding to give you the guidance you need to grow.

Business Analysis service:

  • Identify unique selling point (USP)
  • Analysis of current marketing strategy
  • Pinpoint exact market placement
  • Identify target audiences
  • Cost analysis
  • Recommendations for growth

Campaign strategy


You have to know where you are going if you want to get there. Maximize the impact of your advertising budget with a clearly defined campaign strategy. With an integrated message across all platforms, have an ongoing conversation with your target audience. IMP will create an integrated message across all platforms, and advise which publications will have the greatest effect.

Campaign strategy service:

  • Define campaign goal
  • Pinpoint central campaign message
  • Campaign slogan
  • Create unified graphic theme for campaign
  • Cost analysis
  • Detailed proposal for media
  • Integrated message across platforms
  • Campaign schedule

Market Research


The science matters. Base your campaign on solid research to underpin your marketing strategy. Whether it’s analyzing 3rd party data or conducting a custom survey, IMP will give you the data you need to create a fully supported plan.

Market research service:

  • Phone survey
  • Mail survey
  • Face-to-face survey
  • Focus groups
  • 3rd party data analysis
  • Full analytic report
  • Recommendations for action