A picture is worth a thousand words. Graphics can make or break a campaign. IMP’s creative design department puts the picture to the words for your winning campaign.

Custom design

IMP’s design team creates eye-catching designs that convey your message visually -whether it’s for an online banner campaign, the back cover of a magazine or your company website. The options are endless and our staff is happy to meet your vision.

Online responsive images

IMP crafts multilevel campaigns with thematic graphics that form a unified visual impact across a variety of media and platforms. Online marketing campaigns require graphics that work across the gamut of electronic platforms. Our graphics team will build a responsive design that looks perfect regardless of what device is used to view it.

High quality print

High resolution quality graphics are needed to make an impact in print marketing. IMP’s original designs are at the highest level of imaging to ensure that your message has the maximum impact.

IMP Creative Design offers:

Personalized original design

Responsive online design

Thematic graphics for campaign branding

High resolution graphics for print

Pullout magazine supplements

Website design

Online ads- banner ads, landing pages, Facebook ads, email campaigns

Professional photography

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